Stand with Ukraine

For victims of war...

We, the Game Access team, are extremely saddened by the war in Ukraine, an atrocity that has disrupted and ruined millions of human lives. Some had to become soldiers overnight; many others escaped, being forced to leave their home and livelihood behind. We stand with you, and wish to help in any way we can.

That is why we are offering support for all of those affected by the war in Ukraine. If you’ve lost your job and home, been forced to relocate to the Czech Republic or neighboring countries, we want to help you get back on your feet and find employment in gamedev.

How? By giving you a Standard Pass to the conference, and access to the Career zone completely for free. In the Career zone, HR specialists and developers from our partners will be consulting CV’s, portfolio’s, and trying to find fitting employment for all of our ambitious attendees.

We hope that, in this way, we can provide some solace, possibly employment, and most importantly, inclusion into the great gamedev community we’ve got here. Brno may not be your home, but we want you to at least feel at home.

*We will be considering each application individually

If you’re a visual artist or an Indie dev, you can also register for the Art Alley or Indie Showcase using the links below. A registration guarantees you a free ticket, plus a presentation space for your art/game.