Game Access ‘22 is a huge conference including lots of lectures, presentations, discussions and opportunities to find new partners, and learn interesting information in a grand 10,000 sq. meters area. It’s quite easy to get lost among all of this and miss something important. To prevent this from happening, here are some frequently asked questions.

We’re working on it! Everything is mostly ready, we just need to arrange the schedule to everyone's satisfaction.

We will announce the schedule details in the weeks preceeding the event. You'll find them on this website, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter.

Game Access Conference '22 will take place in Pavilion P of the Brno Exhibition Center (Brno, Czech Republic). It’s close to the city center and easy to reach by all kinds of transport. The address is:

Výstaviště 405/1
603 00 Brno
GPS:49°11'24.3"N 16°34'44.2"E

  • If you'll be travelling by car, you can take advantage of the reserved parking lot just next to the conference hall.
  • If you choose public transport, get on the tram number 1 at the Hlavní nádraží (Main train station), and take a ride to Výstaviště - hlavní vstup.
  • If you are coming from far away, you can take advantage of direct flights to Brno Airport from London Stansted, Munich, Berlin and Milan. If you do not have the option to take a direct flight, you'll most likely want to fly to Prague and then take a train or a bus to Brno. Another good choice is to land in Vienna or Bratislava. You can get to the Conference the fastest from Bratislava. All these cities are connected by wide selection of buses and trains.

More epic than you can imagine! We've had parties in a castle, a villa, an observatory, Star Wars themed, 30s themed, and it was still nothing compared to what we've got ready for you! Don't believe us? Come see it with your own eyes!


Our event offers several types of Passes. If you have any questions about them, you've come to the right place.

Great question! A physical Pass is called a Badge. Badges are little necklace-like things that help our staff, and other attendees, identify who you are, be it a speaker, student, press, or an organizer. They also contain some personal information, such as your company's name and your position.

Your badge will be waiting for you either at the Thursday welcome party (If you've bought the Standard or Premium Pass), or at the reception of the event itself, at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Badges cannot be mailed or picked up earlier, however, the reception will be open during the whole event, so you don't have to rush to register in the early morning.

Of course you can! Just contact us at info@game-access.com and we will solve the situation.

Student Passes can be bought only by full-time students. You'll have to verify yourself trough a valid ISIC card when buying the Pass, and at the event itself. If you cannot prove your status as a student at the event, your Pass will be considered invalid.