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Come showcase your indie project to fellow game devs from all over the world! Feedback, fame, friendships and opportunities await you at Game Access.

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Entrance to 3 legendary parties
Meeting with Investors & Publishers
Competition in the Game Access Indie Awards
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Fill out the form below with info, links, promo materials and other details about your game


We'll contact you in 72 hours with our verdict and more information


You'll gain a free ticket, and a place to showcase your game at Game Access

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Meet the projects which already confirmed their participation
in the Indie Showcase at Game Access ‘22!

Lightning Soft


Ateliér Duchů


LGS Games Productions

Taishogun The Rise of Emperor

Fair Games studio


Black Deer Games

Juro Janosik

Ostrichsoft, s.r.o.

Wacky Chariots

Boris Kudlač

Near The Fear

Project Solutions, s.r.o.

Area Z

Iridescence Interactive


Three Dragons s.r.o.

Museum Magnate

Three Dragons s.r.o.


Circus Bounce

Light Hunter



Martin Mašek

SFD Controller

ANG People s.r.o


Ondrej Angelovič


Ateliér Duchů

The Gray Man

FiolaSoft Studio


Ateliér Duchů

Rosettes and Rockets

Leveland Studios


Mobiga Entertainment

Light Bringer

Hammer Games s.r.o.

Magna Regna

Nero Games


Mental Home e.U.

Sonar Islands

Star Drifters


Mad Cookies Studio s.r.o.

Cardbob Revival



Not Bad OÜ

Battle Chest

Collective of Crab

It Came from Other States

Studentský klub herní tvorby


Bitmap Galaxy


ROOM 205


Sim Companies s.r.o.

Sim Energy Trader

Propulsive Games, s.r.o.

Space Reign

Kabuk Games

Dash It All

Sacrificed Worlds Team

Sacrificed Worlds

Kikiriki Games s.r.o.

To the Dragon Cave

JetDogs Oy

Gods of Hellas



Indie FAQ

Game Access '22 is a grand event, full of talks, presentations and content spread over various zones and sections. One of such sections is the Indie Showcase. If you have any questions about it, you've come to the right place.

The point of Indie Showcase is to support indie developers and fledgling game projects. You’ll receive a ticket and a space at one of Europe’s biggest game dev conferences, and in return, you'll deliver a playable demo of your great game. Together, we'll introduce your project to the community.

Game Access Conference '22 will take place on the 27th and 28th of May at the Brno Exhibition Center, Hall P.

Once your registration is approved, you will receive a space in the Indie Showcase section, where you’ll be able to display a playable demo of your game, along with promotional materials and graphics.

A successful registration guarantees you one Standard Pass, for free, plus a presentation space in the Indie Showcase. The pass opens the doors to all sections of the Conference (except the VIP ones) as well as access to three awesome parties where you’ll meet other developers, publishers and artists.

Of course, you can bring along other team members, friends, fellow game devs etc. However, they'll have to buy their own tickets.

Thousands of experienced developers from all over the world visit our Conference. The possibilities of precious feedback, exposure, valuable contacts and friendships that you can find here are nearly limitless.

Furthermore, you’ll get a chance to present your project to investors and publishers, who visit our Conference looking for new talent and business opportunities.

Presentation space

Wondering what it’ll look like?
Let's find out!

We'll provide a table, chairs, network connections and a space roughly 2x2 meters in size. Indie teams will need to provide the rest of the equipment, that is computers, monitors and phones, themselves. Bring an extra extension cord, just in case.

In the case of VR games, the space provided will be 3x3 meters instead of 2x2.

All indie teams recieve the same amount of space, as defined above.

The only exception are indie teams that are also partners, as the partnership offers includes booths of different sizes.

Absolutely! We welcome roll-ups, flyers and all manner of decorative materials. So far we've seen moss, coconuts, flowers and printed-on cardboard. We loved it all :)

However, please keep in mind that your space is limited, and that there might not be a wall available to hang things on. That is why we recommend roll-ups instead of banners or flags.

Preparations will begin on Friday morning, approximately 2 hours before the event itself. If you need to arrive early for some reason, or have some special requests, feel free to email us at


Easier than getting a bank account!

Filling out the registration form will take about 5 to 15 minutes, depending on whether you have the required materials and information on hand.

Once submitted, expect our response within the next 72 hours.

If we approve your registration, information about your game will appear on our website and social media. This will include photos, video, captions, and links to Steam or your studio's website. Classic promotion stuff, nothing sinister :)

The Indie Showcase is, as the name suggests, aimed primarily at small development teams of roughly 10 or less people.

The game itself should be released within the last two years, i.e. 2021-2022. If the game hasn't been released yet, that's totally fine, but you need to showcase it in playable form, not just as a concept.

If you're from a bigger studio or would like to present an older game, no worries, we'll definitely figure out a solution. Contact us at

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us by email!