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Though we hail from all over the world, and our backgrounds are wildly different, one thing binds us all together – the belief that “Every Player’s Story is Unique.” We believe that a game should never be a fixed experience fed to the player, but something that is shaped by the game developers and the player together, every time the game is played. At Hangar 13, we want to make (and play) games that allow players the freedom to define everything from the moment-to-moment gameplay to the narrative, creating their own, unique player stories along the way.
Beat Games company is a developer of Beat Saber - Rhythm slashing VR game.

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game, where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small cubes) as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. All the music is selected or originally composed to perfectly fit the hand made levels.

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Game development studio from Bratislava, Slovakia, with over 17 years of experience making games as a Cauldron or Bohemia Interactive. Nine Rocks Games team members launched many successful games, including global hits like DayZ, Soldier of Fortune: Payback, Chaser, or multimillion-selling Cabela's line of hunting games, including Big Game Hunter and Dangerous Hunts.
Ashborne Games is a game development studio with roots in Brno, the heart of South Moravia, the Czech Republic, currently working on an unannounced historical Strategy / RPG. The team consists of game developers with remarkable experience in making successful games, including global hits like Arma, Mafia, Shadowgun, and UFO series, Vigor, Comanche, and other titles under various publishers or independently. Ashborne Games is a proud member of the THQ Nordic Family, Game Cluster, and Czech Game Developers Association.

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Warhorse Studios is a video-game developer founded in 2011 by a handful of intrepid gaming industry veterans. Studio stands behind the acclaimed Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a gritty, medieval, combat-based RPG set in a realistic historic environment. Warhorse Studios is now a part of the leading European publisher Koch Media Group.

We are always on the lookout for great talent.
FiolaSoft Studio is an independent development studio based in Czechia. The developers focus on creating games inspired by the synergy of various genres and blurring the conventional boundaries. They believe that’s why gamers love their games – not because of the best graphics, nor the excellent gameplay design without flaws, but because of the “something special” their games have once they’re done. Internally, they refer to this development style as “crystal design”, which is shown in their logo design.
Our story began with our first game, Arma: Cold War Assault, released back in 2001. Developed by just a handful of people, this PC-exclusive title became a massive success. It sold well over a million copies, received numerous industry awards, and was praised by critics and players alike.
Since then, we've grown from a ragtag bunch of garage devs to an international family of over 350 professionals – working on major games like Arma 3, DayZ, Ylands, Vigor, and various other projects.

Our team members have worked on many cool Czech games over the last 20 years including Vietcong, Hidden & Dangerous 2, the Mafia series, the Arma series, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Dead Trigger, Shadowguns series, UFO, Silent Hill: Downpour, Cold War, Vigor and others. We love making games, and we love to play them. We are enthusiasts – game making is not only our job, but also our hobby.
We are Clever Ads Solutions, a Ukraine-based company with HQ in Cyprus. Our team has created CAS(H) tool for ads monetization boost. CAS(H) is an innovative fully automated mediation platform for mobile app ads monetization. CAS(H) significantly increases developer`s revenue (30-150% on average) due to programmatic hybrid model (real-time bidding + price waterfalls), which effectively interacts with all major ad networks, such as AdMob, Meta AN, IronSource, Applovin, Unity Ads, Vungle, and others. CAS is easy to integrate, it`s fully automatic, and you bear zero cost to maintain it.

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The MEDIA strand of the EU Creative Europe programme supports the European film and audiovisual industries. It offers support also to the Video games and immersive content development in order to increase the capacity of European video game producers, Extended Reality (XR) studios and audiovisual production companies to develop video games and interactive immersive experiences with the potential to reach global audiences, and to improve the competitiveness of the European video games industry.
Brainamics uses Neurotechnology (EEG) and Machine Learning to extract emotions from the human brain. As an award-winning spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, Brainamics introduces the first and only objective method to do playtesting. The emotional data is analyzed by the Head of User Research and Insights - Celestia Koh.
PowerPlay Studio is the biggest independent videogame studio in Slovakia focused on creating sports games that are played by millions of players around the world. It is best known for its games Biathlon Mania, Ski Jump Mania 3, or the most played Athletics Mania. In 2020 PowerPlay Studio attended Google for Startups Accelerator, where it was invited as the only Slovak company among dozens of other applicants. Its commitment is to create the best sports games and support young sports talents around the world.
We founded Gauss Algorithmic to provide top-quality cutting-edge services in the field of big data analysis, machine learning and predictive analytics.
CGE Digital is the digital branch of Czech Games Edition, a developer and publisher of more than 40 board games, including the popular global party game hit Codenames, as well as Through the Ages, Lost Ruin of Arnak, and more.

CGE Digital is focused primarily on creating digital versions of some of CGE’s most popular board games.

Currently, CGE Digital is working on releasing the Codenames App, an enhanced digital version of the globally renowned party game for mobile devices that adds exciting new layers to the core Codenames experience.
Guardsquare offers the most complete approach to mobile application security on the market. Built on the open source ProGuard technology, Guardsquare’s software integrates seamlessly across the development cycle. From app security testing to code hardening to real-time visibility into the threat landscape, Guardsquare solutions provide enhanced mobile application security from early in the development process through publication.

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