Agnesa Belegu

Agnesa Belegu

Lead Game Designer

A game designer by day, a podcaster by night, a bit of artist by brunch, snacking on journaling in philosophy of the human psyche.

Originally from Kosovo, I moved to Poland to work on Dying Light GAAS in Techland. Prior to that, after a BA in Computer Science and a Master's in Interactive Entertainment (UCF's FIEA), I worked for EA on NBA Live before moving back to Kosove to work on establishing grass-roots of the gaming industry. My work with the community is never-ending.


Dying Light
Game Design

Designing "Games as a Service"

What is "GAAS"? What does it mean to design games as a service? How does the process differ from standard AAA game development and how do we adapt to the rapidly changing environment of GAAS?

As designers, we must identify moving and movable pieces of our games, and in GAAS, everything is a moving piece, or can become movable. GAAS design challenges core gameplay loops and expands on the core experience. It's a process of iteration relying primarily on the community of gamers engaged with our product, and naturally a product empowered by team synergy.

This talk will shed light on the design of game products that have a “GAAS” component to them. I will discuss what we must consider as designers and how GAAS changes our design-thinking process, drawing from my experience on Dying Light GAAS.