Adam Kwapiński

Adam Kwapiński


Independent board game designer with over 25 games designed or co-designed. Author of Nemesis, Frostpunk: The Board Game, Lords of Hellas, Dark Ages, Origins, and many others. Always tries to give the game its own spirit by crafting gameplay that fits the theme. As a player he likes different types of games - from fast party games to heavy euros. When he doesn't design or play boardgames he loves to read books, play Texas Hold’em and perform Irish dancing.


Frostpunk: The Board Game
Lords of Hellas
Dark Ages: Heritage of Charlemagne
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How to adapt a video game into a board game without losing its soul?

In this presentation I want to share my point of view on adapting video games into board games with a lot of examples from Frostpunk: The Boardgame. What are the keys to make a good adaptation? How to respect the original work and at the same time create something that will work as a separate game, created using a different medium? What video games would I never adapt and I think other designers also shouldn’t? I will try to answer these and many others while sharing with you my thoughts about the challenges of working on adaptation.